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Vogue of Art Class”Vogue of Art” is a classically directed vogue beginner class whereDashaun teaches “the vogue blueprint” as well as freestyle techniquesforcing students to develop their own style of vogue while maintainingits essence. He alternates between teaching vogue basic steps andchoreographed vogue routines. The class consists of a wide array ofpersons from local ballscene participants to international dancestudents taking dance classes on student visas – male and female andintroduces them to the highly anticipated category in the ballscene aswe know it.

Vogue of Art teaches you to strategize your vogue fem performance withthe 5 fundamental elements (Catwalk, Duckwalk, Hand performance, Spinsand Dips).

Vogue of Art is currently touring in St. Petersburg and Moscow Russia,Helsinki Finland, Stockholm Sweden, Tallin Estonia, Hong Kong, Taiwanand Kaohsiung Taipei, Berlin Germany, UCLA in Los Angeles and BroadwayDance Center and Peridance Studios in New York City.

What is Vogue Femme?

Vogue femme is fluidity at its most extreme with exaggerated femininemovements influenced by ballet and modern dance. Styles of vogue femmeperformance range from dramatics style (which emphasizes stunts,tricks, and speed) to soft style (which emphasizes a graceful,beautiful, easy flow). There are six elements of vogue femme: handperformance, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, dips, and spins(unofficial). When competing in a vogue femme battle, contestantsshould showcase all six elements in an entertaining fashion.

Hand performance refers to the illusions and movements of the arms,wrists, hands, and fingers. The catwalk is the upright sashaying in alinear fashion. The duckwalk refers to the crouched, squatted,foot-kicking and scooting movements requiring balance on the balls ofthe feet. Floor performance refers to the movements done on the floorusing primarily the legs, knees, and back. The dip is the fall, drop,or descent backward onto one’s back with one’s leg folded underneath.Mainstream dance forms popularized the dip, which is occasionallycalled the “death drop” when done in dramatics style. Due to popularmedia, the dip is sometimes incorrectly termed the “5000”, “shablam”,and “shabam”.